How a Milus watch may have saved the life of an American president

Our story begins in the 1940s, in Switzerland, at the Milus watch factory where the brand began the production of their Snow Star instant date, a solid stainless-steel watch made to last decades. At the same time, back in the United States of America, the US Navy was preparing the equipment for the upcoming war in the Pacific. Among the classic survival pack, there was the “Life Barter Kit”. Composed of precious items, the pilots were to use the articles as bargaining chips to free themselves if they ever got caught in enemy territory. The rubber sealed box contained two gold rings, a chain with a gold pendant and, a Snow Star Instant date. Around fifty timepieces were purchased by the US Navy and on Saturday, September 2, 1944, future president George H.W. Bush was probably carrying one of these kits when the unavoidable happened...

In the middle of the Pacific Ocean, George H.W. Bush was a pilot in the US Navy and his aircraft was under attack by the enemy. Nearing the end of the battle, an anti-aircraft gun positioned on the ground fired away damaging Bush’s airplane. The bullets pierced the engine and the plane went down. George H.W. Bush had no other option and bailed out from the plane. Fortunately, he was rescued by an American submarine patrolling in the area. Had this submarine not spotted him, like all pilots, he could have relied on the 'Barter Life Kit'. His bravery in action earned him the Distinguished Flying Cross.

Today’s Snow Star is built with as durable materials as its predecessor. Protected by a solid 904L stainless steel casing, the ETA 2892A2 movement provides 42 hours power reserve and is fitted with a custom Milus oscillating wheel. The diamond cut “Dauphine” hands offer an accurate indication of time while showcasing the impressive rhodium-plated finish. This new edition pays tribute to the rich history of the watch. Its philosophy is all about conquering your fears and overcoming the challenges of life.

The Snow Star of the 21st century is a brand-new take on a historical piece and an homage to the rich heritage of the Milus brand. Furthermore, Milus donated in 2012 an original Life Barter kit to the George H.W. Bush presidential library on the Texas A&M University campus.