Milus goes Bikepacking

We strive to inspire people to get out and explore our planet, discover its wild places, and why not via the bicycle’s elegant simplicity.

Our designer Antoine agreed that Emilien Gigandet’s camera follows him during his last day of bikepacking weekend.

The uninitiated may ask what exactly is bikepacking ! Bikepacking is a mix of mountain biking and minimalist camping, carrying only essential gear. A new way of approaching travel, in search of lightness and freedom. It has come to define a style of travel favoring routes that are predominantly off-pavement, quieter, closer to nature, more adventures !

We discovered with Antoine the Vanil region, a pre-Alpine landscape of particular beauty. It is included in the inventory of natural sites and monuments of national importance. Straddling the cantons of Vaud and Fribourg, the highest peak Vanil Noir is located on the Fribourg side at 2389m.

Under demanding bikepacking conditions the Archimèdes mastered this adventure test !

Archimèdes-more than a diver, built for adventure.