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“Measuring time is part of our family and cultural heritage. We grew up here, in the cradle of watchmaking, at the foot of the Swiss Jura, where people and time have faced every technical and aesthetic challenge”. Luc Tissot could have used these exact words to celebrate the return of Milus to its Swiss family watchmaking heritage in 2016, had they not already been spoken by the company founder, Paul William Junod, in 1919. Swiss watchmaking is by tradition deeply connected to its founders. Inventors and visionaries created large family businesses, where creativity and entrepreneurship served to cultivate the image and perpetuation of a brand. This is emblematic of the Milus heritage, which is embodied in the modernist architectural design of its building, created in 1962 by Edouard Lanz (architect of the ‘House of the People of Bienne’) on the grounds of the brand’s historical site.



It was only natural that the new Milus team continues the legacy of the Junod family in Bienne. This marks three successive generations of watchmakers to have maintained the Milus codes within the heart of Swiss watchmaking history. Throughout its history Milus always surprised, oscillating between classical and contemporary collections, from the luxurious to the eminently refined. As an avant-garde brand, each creation combines watchmaking tradition with the very finest Swiss expertise. In 1930, the company chose the Greek god Hermes as the symbol of its brand, which is expressed today through its stylized crown imbued with elegance and innovation, qualities dear to the Junod family."“We are deeply convinced that this industrial art will survive, and possibly even break new ground within its domain.” Words Luc Tissot would have likely spoken had they not been those of Paul William Junod. Through their shared vision, Milus constantly distinguishes its reputation from other brands. Milus watches embrace the times with invariably equal passion. This genuine “trademark” remains a cherished privilege for the Milus team: to be the witness of your time.



Watchmaking is not simply about competition and rivalry. There is so much to innovate and be inspired by. Constant innovation and a taste for creating beautiful objects have steadily reinforced Milus’ excellent reputation - values that have not been forgotten. Quality of execution, attention to detail, and an intense search of lines and materials all express a deep desire to be “of its time”. Modern design and fine manufacturing are Milus attributes shared through generations.

Milus watches are at the forefront of invention and reinvention, drawing inspiration from its past success. In honour of its 100th anniversary, Milus proudly unveils timepieces that are as classical as they are bold. The brand places its heart and soul in creating watches that combine technical excellence and precision with timeless design.

The objective: create a sustainable watchmaking model in close relation with its environment, that is both fair and genuine. The company launches a web-based “omnichannel” distribution platform, accessible to both end-customers and watch retailers, and introduces an efficient and attractive alternative partnership strategy.

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