We meet the growing demand of today's consumer
for watches that are beautiful, reliable, and truly exceptional and yet, that are not impossible to own.

We embody the brand philosophy "in watchmaking, it is the watch that matters".

Milus works to ensure delivery of its watches to customers directly from its Swiss manufacture. This allows our clients to own watches of far greater refinement than they might ever have thought possible. It also allows Milus to focus on what matters the most : the quality of the timepieces, and service.

The versatility of Milus watches allows you to wear a Milus timepiece at any occasion, any time and any place.



We believe that what creates the authentic value of a Swiss Made watch is not found in marketing campaigns and clever catchphrases. 

That's why the typical Milus user is a watch lover who understands what we do and believes in true horological mastery. Someone who has a liking for the practical side of our timepieces while appreciating the history nodes and exclusivity of our iconic revisits.

We spend most of our time and energy for good design and high quality. Every single detail from material to technique is thought through with obsessive attention.



We are fully committed to provide products of the highest quality to our clients based on the know-how of our industrial partners from the regional economic networks, while limiting at maximum the use of plastic and non-recyclable materials.

Furthermore, we aim to support local companies. We surround ourselves with experienced passionate about their work watchmakers and suppliers. We choose to work mainly with human scale, family run businesses. We don't overproduce, what counts for us is quality, not quantity.

We try to reduce the impact of our production, bringing it as close as possible geographically to Switzerland, and we are proud to say that we are more than 80% Swiss Made.

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a value for trust

We grew up here, in the cradle of watchmaking, at the foot of the Swiss Jura, where people and time have faced every technical and aesthetic challenge.

Being Swiss-made is more than just a certification. We believe that fostering close connections with trusted local partners is an important part of a responsible business model.

in-house design

Our designs are original, that's a fact. Made in-house they reflect the notion: "the watch speaks for itself". The classic codes of Swiss watchmaking are reinterpreted and modernized. 

Drawing inspiration from our past successes, Milus models are the contemporary embodiment of a classic design and pay tribute to symbolic moments in the past century.


Throughout its history Milus always surprised, oscillating between classical and contemporary collections, from the luxurious to the eminently refined.

A LAB and a Heritage collection, reinterpreting legendary Milus models, are both testaments to the brand’s watchmaking expertise. Refined and minimalistic in harmony with its legacy, Milus has already received many international awards and was notably nominated at the last GPHG for its Archimèdes model.



Milus is something of a century-old start-up. It is a start-up that allow our customers to own watches of far greater refinement than they might ever have thought possible.

Still based at our historic Biel/Bienne site since 1919, Milus watches embrace the times with invariably equal passion. After generations of time craftsmen, the genuine “trademark” remains the same: to be the witness of your time

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