Our story

Still based at our historic Biel/Bienne site since 1919, Milus is back on the watchmaking scene. After three successive generations of time craftsmen, a new team, headed by the new CEO Lucas Edouard Tissot-Daguette, is at the helm. With the objective of creating a watchmaking development model close to its territory: fair and authentic.

We have set ourselves a mission to put quality on as many wrists as possible.  In other words, we offer watches that are beautiful, reliable and accessible!

Our main weapon to do that is direct distribution. From us to you directly. That's what allows us to cut all the costs that don't concern quality and to put all our energy into what matters the most : the quality of our timepieces, packaging and service.



We spend most of our time and energy for good design and high quality. Every single detail from material to technique is thought through with obsessive attention.

By delivering directly from the manufacturer to the customer, we offer high-quality design and sustainable products at revolutionary prices.

We think that good design can change things for the better. We aim to create a sustainable watchmaking model in close relation with today’s modern individual and its environment, that is both fair and genuine.




Milus is disrupting the watch market by offering customers high-end design and superior product quality at an attractive price by combining Swiss product design and high-end materials with traditional manufacturing.

Since we have relatively few products, we can surround ourselves with experienced passionate about their work watchmakers and suppliers. We choose to work mainly with human scale, family run businesses. We don't overproduce, what counts for us is quality, not quantity.

We try to reduce the impact of our productions, bringing them as close as possible geographically to Switzerland, and we are proud to say that we are more than 80% Swiss Made. 

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