A partnership based on mutual thinking and shared values

We are delighted to introduce a new authorized Milus Partner – you can now order your Milus watches also on the online platform of MONTREDO.

With more than 25’000 watches sold to satisfied customers all around the world, MONTREDO is one of the leading online retailers for luxury brands. Since their foundation in Berlin in 2012, MONTREDO team carefully reviews luxury watches and offers the watch community the opportunity to buy some unique watches of the world’s most exciting brands.


MONTREDO and MILUS are both convinced that thanks to digitalization there is a more efficient way of buying watches in 2020 and onwards. Both companies aim to establish a direct customer approach without spending on retail spaces allowing to pass savings to end customers.

MONTREDO’s passion and in-depth knowledge for mechanical watches, allowed them to build-up over the past years an experience and reputation on the market that MILUS finds engaging and user-friendly when buying a watch online.

Luc Tissot (Chairman of Milus) states: We are happy to announce a further partnership in 2020, especially for the German market. We appreciate the effort of Montredo and its whole team in promoting the digitalization of the watch industry. Milus shares the same values and passion for offering high-quality products to watch enthusiasts.”

Head over to MONTREDO now to browse within the collection of Milus watches - Click here


MONTREDO visited us for their well-knowed Meet the Manufacturer video series available on their online magazine. Watch the video for insightful background into Milus history, team and collection:

Milus Team