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Artikel: What Is Fiberglass ?

What Is Fiberglass ?

What Is Fiberglass ?

Designed to resemble the brands experimentation, the LAB01 features a more modern and technical design that is especially highlighted by the implementation of an exclusive fiberglass dial.

 Dial LAB01 collection

We commonly find fiberglass in boat manufacturing, automotive and various performance products. Looking to fully exploit the advantages of this material: mouldability, rigidity and unique aesthetic, we developed the fiberglass dial, unknown until now in the watch industry.
Exclusively developed for Milus, the fiberglass dial provides a unique texture to every piece. 

A nod to the famous designers Charles & Ray Eames 

In the late 1940s, Charles and Ray Eames participated in a competition, organised by the New York Museum of Modern Art. Their design of a chair with a seat shell moulded to fit the contours of the human body won second prize.
Yet, the metal seat shell was too complex and expensive to achieve successful mass production. The couple's search for alternative materials.  This led them to fibreglass reinforced polyester resin. This material had been primarily restricted to military applications such as aircraft radomes and cockpit covers.

The Eameses recognised and fully exploited the advantages of fibreglass: mouldability, rigidity and suitability for industrial manufacturing methods.

The fiberglass Chair was born. Fiberglass offered the added advantage of pleasant tactile qualities and a perfectly moulded form for optimal comfort.

Today Eames furniture is some of the most iconic in the world making them recognizable to even the most newbie of design novices.


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