Connecting to the roots

The Veterans Association of America, Inc. is an organization that  provides assistance to veterans and their families, helping them to receive the “quality care” deserved throughout mainstream society. Remembering the historic role Milus watches have played, protecting American soldiers on their way home, our collaboration renews a strong bond and heritage.


Our Partnership

We are committed to paying homage to our flagship model - the Milus Snow Star - and history, in general. In memory of the American fighters, Milus is offering a donation of 20% of the watch value to the Veterans Association of America, Inc and it's members.

Furthermore, as a VETSAA member or partner, you exclusively benefot from an individual 10% discount on the entire Snow Star collection, using the reference code VETSAA10 at checkout.

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Life Barter Kits

During the 1940s, US Navy polots were given valuable tradable items along on their missions to ensure their survival. Such "life barter kits" contained notably a Milus Snow Star, carefully manufactured by highly skilled experts in Switzerland.

Today, Milus is commited to paying homage to this flagship model from it's own history - and history in general - by reissuing a new version of the Snow Star in four distinctive editions.

A shared vision

The Veterans Association of America, Inc., strives to help veterans find what is necessary to meet their fullest potential throughout the continental United States. Milus timepieces serve both, as unique tokens of rememberance as well as spiritual guidance on the journey ahead of these coveted heroes.

A watch at the heart of history

Snow Star