This Valentine's day - A date with Snow Star

As Valentine's Day approaches, we want to give you a taste of what to await if you are lucky enough to spend it with the Snow Star. 

Prepare your date

The Snow Star is an elegant watch with a true personality so you should never have to choose between aesthetics and performance. 

The Snow Star is a versatile watch, it will bring you from the office to dinner, to the opera and back again.

 Only at closer inspection will the Snow Star reveal it's luxurious inside to its owner: the watchmaker's jewel.

Meet Snow Star 


The Story 

Originally created in the 1940’s, the Milus Snow Star was designed for US Navy pilots to assist them in dangerous negotiations for information, freedom and their lives. 

The Legacy 
Built upon decades of ever-evolving relationships and constant development, the re-issue of the Snow Star embodies how people and history affect our very unique spirit and personality. 

The Looks
A reserved and robust yet elegant and enchanting look makes the Snow Star a perfect fit for every day situations as well as special occasions of all sorts.

Pave the way for a never ending love story