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The spirit

Sophisticated Minimalism

Timeless aesthetics with an innovative material. With its sleek and ultra-contemporary design, mimicking urban lines, these models reflect the elegance of an active urban lifestyle.

LAB 01 cultivates independence of mind and singularity, respecting every personality and style.

discover the Lab 01

The watch

Ultra-contemporary aesthetics

The LAB 01, as the name suggests takes on a more modern approach. Designed to resemble the Milus experimentation, the LAB 01 features a more modern and technical design that is especially highlighted by the implementation of an exclusive fiberglass dial.

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The story

Unique material & Texture

Fiberglass offers the added advantage of pleasant tactile qualities and a perfectly moulded form. The dial of the Lab 01 is made of exposed fiberglass and provides a unique texture to every piece.

A seemingly simple and refined casing elegantly reveals its polished and brushed finishes, playing with light to reveal its full beauty.

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Lab 01

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Lab 01


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