Who is Milus ?

We are a watch brand for the connoisseurs. With more than a hundred years of craftsmanship, we at Milus are on a mission to create a different type of luxury business. We are not interested in expensive middlemen or meaningless celebrities : for us, what is important are the watches. Watches that are beautiful, reliable and accessible!

Our Vision of watchmaking

The industry is dominated by large corporations with huge marketing overheads and high secondary costs. At Milus, we have given ourselves the challenge to provide functional and elegant timepieces at a practical price. How are you doing it ? By working exclusively with local suppliers and selling directly to the customer on our own website.

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Our design process

Each step of our design process is thoroughly researched and executed. All our watches are the forefront of invention and innovation, drawing inspiration from our past success. Our three models, the Snow Star, Archimèdes by Milus and Lab 01 are the contemporary embodiment of a classic design and pay tribute to symbolic moments in the past century.

A Visual Masterpiece

More than words

Genuine responsibility

In line with our strong beliefs in sustainability and responsibility, our mission is to create beautiful and affordable timepieces while minimizing our impact. By working with close partners, we are able to reduce our production line and bring our manufacturing chain as close as possible. A watch by Milus is more than 80% Swiss Made and most of its components are sourced from family run providers in the Jura region.

Our sustainable commitments

more than a label

a value for trust

Being Swiss-made is more than just a certification. Even though it requires a lot of work and determination, having Swiss-made watches is not only for show. We believe that fostering close connections with trusted partners is an important part of a responsible business model. In perfect transparency, we are proud to showcase watches that are more than 80% Swiss-made.



Our designs are original, it's a fact. We start out by analyzing current trends and exploring the market to determine what watch enthusiasts want next. Then, we brainstorm to create an eco-system behind our timepieces. Finally, our graphic designer sketches a couple of mockups from which a winner is picked. The materials are sourced from our partners and the final watch is assembled right next door.

A passion

for the past

Milus has a rich past full of amazing and revolutionary timepieces. Our current models are inspired by the most iconic watches of their time. The Snow star, originally built in 1944, was a robust everyday tool watch. So reliable that the US Navy used it in their life barter kit. The Archimèdes by Milus, derived from the famous diver of the '70s with its emblematic two crowns and helium escape valve. And finally LAB 01, the experiment. Like what Charles & Ray Eames in the field of architecture and interior design.