Milus Archimèdes Watch review by Ariel Adams

Modern day Milus’ sportiest watch is the Archimedes collection. Named for the famed Greek inventor and mathematician (from circa 200 BCE), the Archimedes is a diver’s watch that hearkens back to a 1970s “Super Compressor” timepiece also produced by the Swiss Milus brand. Milus takes extra care to position the Archimedes as a “gentleman’s diver,” implying that while it can easily be used for swimming and recreational diving duties, the watch is mostly designed for daily wear and social situations. Nothing wrong with that.

A depressingly small number of diver’s watches ever truly go underwater. Rather than lament the wearer’s lack of adventure, it might be wiser to focus on the fact that people who like diver’s watches tend to need those products to work at least as well on land as on water. Milus does that admirably, with a modest-sized package that has as much luxury polish as it has retro diving vibes.

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