The incredible story of a watch that saved lives

The Travel Guide- The Guardian (Sept2021) in association with National Geographic Traveller

 In 2010, Milus was contacted by an American military historian who notified the brand he owned a Second World War relic containing a Milus Instant Date watch from 1940. The historian referred to the item as a ‘Life Barter Kit’, a term that was, up until that date, unknown to Milus. Nevertheless, the brand was immediately intrigued and undertook extensive research to seek out the truth of this extraordinary story.
After intensive digging, Milus discovered that the Life Barter Kit was a rubber-sealed carrying pouch given to US Navy pilots during the war, which contained bartering items in case they were captured by the enemy. The trinkets included a gold ring, a pendant and, yes, a Milus watch.

The new Snow Star
In 2019, 100 years after the brand was founded, Milus presented a new take on the historical Snow Star. The new watch was designed to pay homage to the rich heritage of the brand while showcasing the excellence of the Swiss watchmaking industry.

Today’s reedition of the Snow Star is built with as durable materials as its predecessor. Protected by a solid 904L stainless steel casing, the ETA 2892A2, in its most advanced version, provides 42 hours of power reserve and is fitted with a custom Milus oscillating wheel. Two rhodium-plated and diamond-shaped dauphine hands linger on the applied hour and minute hour-markers, a slimline second hand sweeps the sunbrushed dial. Resolutely sporty, the red of the date window, placed at three o’clock, matches the red inscription of ‘Automatic’. This new accent of colour claims the power of new blood without betraying its original hues. Secured by a 904L pin buckle clasp, the choice of a leather-lined textile strap leaves the spotlight for the Snow Star itself.
The Snow Star is available in three versions each with a distinctive colour: Silver Sky, Night Black and Ice Blue.

The company
Founded in 1919, Milus is a 101-year-old, independent, family-owned company that’s anchored in Biel, the heart of the Swiss watch- making cradle, where it was created. Throughout its history, Milus has always surprised and amazed the watch community, oscillating between classical and contemporary collections. From luxurious to eminently refined, Milus watches have been at the forefront of the horological industry both in precision and technological innovation. The brand excels in creating timepieces that combine mechanical fineness and timeless design.
After three successive generations of craftsmanship, a new team, headed by the legendary Luc Tissot, a descendant of the famous watch brand of the same name, is at the helm. They’ve worked hard to create and develop a watchmaking model close to its territory, fairly and authentically.


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