2020 - the year in review: A letter from Luc Tissot

Dear customers and supporters,

I would like to thank all of you warmly for your interest, passionate engagement and feedback that you have shared with us.

2020 has been a big year for Milus. It has been the first year in e-commerce for the iconic models Snow Star, Archimèdes as well as Lab 01.

As heirs to a century old philosophy, we aspire to be minimalistic, sustainable, close to the environment. In fact, for us, a watch is more than a device. It is the ambassador of its owner.

Now, as the industry is experiencing a digital revolution, introducing the innovative concept of the “bionic company”, a new challenge can be taken. The creator of the device and its owner can converse together directly, without any intermediary, to make the best choice. This disruptive course convinced me to return to the watch world that I never really left as I have been a supporter of the watchmakers’ talents in other very high demanding fields, such as the medical world, my entire life.

This ambitious challenge will only succeed if we do it together. That is to reinvent the “manufacture”, delivering more than a watch, delivering an experience in working together - you and us - by exchanging our perception and demands to produce the most beautiful time pieces.

I count on you to accompany us in this thrilling adventure. We are going to ride on our most prestigious horses from our new collection through the entire year 2021, which will be a landmark for Milus with new exciting models to come.

I wish you and your families a very happy and successful new year 2021.

Luc Tissot
Milus International