There is no better luxury than sustainability

Corals are the gems of the ocean, but we may no longer have the luxury to observe them in the near future.  

Corals are a delicate yet essential part of our oceans. Reefs can house thousands of other species providing food and shelter. They form a natural barrier protecting the coasts from erosion by absorbing most of the waves. In doing so, they also create lagoons and mangroves, all of which are safe heavens to underwater life. Without corals, these fragile environments would no longer exist, as well as all the life they shelter. Unfortunately, our oceans are in great danger. With the rise of the average global sea temperature, scientists estimate that if nothing is done in the next 5 years, coral reefs will have completely disappeared from the surface of the earth in 2050.

40% of coral reefs have already disappeared because of human activities and global warming

In line with our strong beliefs in environmental protection, on the occasion of the limited edition Archimèdes by Milus - Orange Coral Milus is partnering with the French NGO Coral Guardian

Based in Indonesia since 2012, the French NGO's mission is to preserve coral reef ecosystems by involving coastal communities, developing awareness programs and scientific monitoring.

For every Archimèdes Orange Coral bought, Milus will adopt a coral in your name. The Coral Guardian team will transplant the coral onto a solid structure in an area where reefs were suffering.

In these fragile ecosystems, every action counts! Are you ready to leave a positive trace in the submarine world and join Milus for the protection of coral reefs?