Our sustainable commitments

We challenge boundaries to make luxury products in a sustainable way, fit for today's world and the future.

Since the first industrial revolution back in the 1800s, the main objective of businesses was to improve production lines and reduce quality defects. It was first done by identifying the manufacturing processes and automating them. Over the years, technology evolved and more factors were taken into account. 

Digital innovation was such a step forward that some experts consider it to be the second biggest industrial revolution.

Nowadays, the overarching subject on everyone's minds is climate change and the negative impacts of all these technological breakthroughs have had for over 200 years. Multiple businesses across the world are taking action to limit their carbon footprint or offset it as much as possible. 

In line with our strong beliefs in environmental protection, our mission is to create beautiful and affordable timepieces while minimizing our carbon footprint

With this aim in mind , we have recently launched a new timepiece in collaboration with Coral Guardian, an NGO active in the preservation of Coral reefsLearn more about the Archimèdes - Orange Coral

Innovative materials

The embodiment of our calling is most represented in our Lab 01 collection. The watch features a one-of-a-kind fiberglass dial never seen before in the watch industry. Thanks to its natural strength and durability, fiberglass has an extremely long lifecycle and is an energy-efficient product used for years in the construction sector.

By combining this element with a minimalistic watch design, we were able to offer a beautiful timepiece with refined aesthetics and unique texture. Discover the LAB 01 collection.


No need for extravagant manuals, pamphlets about history, or lavish encasements that will make you question: did I buy a watch or a Russian nesting doll? It's only you and your timepiece.

At Milus we believe that good design can change things for the better. That’s why each object has been designed to be reused and to last, reducing the impact of production.

Every watch purchased comes with a travel wallet that can be used for many other purposes besides transporting your timepiece. The size of our packaging has been chosen with the thought that the lighter it is, the lower the ecological impact of shipping will be.

Our shopping bags, slim yet spacious, are made of recycled materials. Waterproofed and reinforced, they can be used to carry anything in style as for example your computer. 

Responsible Production 

We don’t overproduce, what counts for us is quality, not quantity. By limiting our production, we can surround ourselves with experienced and passionate local watchmakers and suppliers. We choose to work mainly with human scale family run businesses. 

We try to reduce the impact of our production, by bringing it geographically as close as possible to Switzerland. We are proud to say that we are more than 80% Swiss Made. 

There is no perfect answer or solution, but we all have room to progress.