Adopt-A-Coral: Introducing The Milus Archimèdes Orange Coral

Supporting a good cause is always a virtuous act. But being able to contribute to Earth’s preservation by acquiring a cool and efficient tool-watch is a proposition that my collector’s heart can’t pass up.

Nowadays, there is no doubt sustainability is an issue everyone should be working towards through daily action. You never know how the smallest shift in the direction of better sustainability could help the ecological cause. After all, even the mightiest rivers are made of little streams.

As such, Milus recently introduced the Archimèdes Orange Coral and announced a long-term partnership with Coral Guardian – an international marine conservation organization dedicated to protecting coral ecosystems. So we here at Watchonista decided it was important to cover this initiative and the fruits of Milus’ new partnership.

Yet, despite its importance, I certainly wasn’t expecting to order one of the 50 specimens of the Milus Archimèdes Orange Coral for myself when I decided to do this review. As I did when my friend Eric Giroud and I discovered the Milus Snow Star at Baselworld 2019, I was so completely seduced by the quality and simplicity of the Archimèdes Orange Coral that I once again immediately ordered one.

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